ACONAV is pleased to announce our new partnership with Native Max Magazine. In a continuing effort to build meaningful relationships with groups and individuals in the fashion and greater community, we have reached out to our good friends at Native Max to increase awareness to the rise of Indigenous Fashion.

Owner & Designer of ACONAV, Loren Aragon has called upon the multimedia power of Miss Kelly Holmes, CEO & Founder of Native Max. The call to action will unite both parties in an effort to progress the advancement of fashion in the Indigenous community and beyond. After successfully completing the Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer Bootcamp Program, Loren Aragon has set a part of his goals for ACONAV to help in the increasing awareness of Native Fashion which is underrepresented and often misrepresented in the vast fashion industry. "There is a wealth of knowledge to share and I feel this partnership is the right move as a way for us to give back to our Native communities." states Aragon. "Appropriation of Native culture in fashion is an issue that often sets back our progression as Native people in the fashion industry. We need to work together to properly and respectfully present our cultures, and one good way is to publicize our presence in fashion." adds Aragon.

Kelly Holmes and her Native Max team have hosted an annual fashion event in Denver, Colorado for the last 4 years called Native Fashion in the City (NFITC). This unique runway show displays a range of Indigenous fashion talents as emerging and established designers work with an all Native model pool to present their latest collections. The show has grown in popularity and both entities look forward to making this the Premier Indigenous Fashion Event in North America. "The aim for NFITC is to root the Naive American fashion world firmly in the international fashion scene," explains Holmes. "What distinguishes NFITC from other showcases is its unique approach to planning the event, organizing it similar to a fashion week." Ms. Holmes has also recently partnered with the Denver March Pow Wow which is also held annually in the same weekend. The partnership will promote attendance to both events adding to the efforts of exposure to more people. 

Plans continue for the 4th annual NFITC. ACONAV is thrilled to embark on this joint effort and eagerly awaits to present its first full Autumn/Winter collection for 2017!!! For more information and tickets to the show visit.

Video Courtesy of Wohehiv Films