Loren Aragon - Fashion Designer & Artist | Acoma Pueblo

Loren Aragon - Fashion Designer & Artist | Acoma Pueblo

ACONAV is a Native American owned & operated couture fashion brand, based in Phoenix, AZ. The brand celebrates the strength and empowerment of women through positive expressions in designs that tie culture to modern style. The brand's purpose is to properly and respectfully represent a part of Native America in fashion. ACONAV is a representation of a people, their story, and its culture. The goal of ACONAV is to be a recognizable & reliable entity in the fashion industry, while working to establish meaningful relationships with groups and individuals in fashion and the greater community.

The name ACONAV represents the cohesion of cultures between its founders Loren (Acoma Pueblo) and Valentina (Navajo) Aragon. ACONAV is a couture fashion brand that celebrates the strength and empowerment of women worldwide. The brand strives to evoke the empowerment of women with positive ideas that are embodied in designs that tie culture to modern style. ACONAV is a respectful representation of the Acoma Pueblo whose traditions and world renown pottery art culture are reflected in unique luxury designs.

"There are strengths we may not yet realize… they compel us to rise. ACONAV is a story of self-discovery and evolution. It is a brand that is about positive change and breaking beyond self-imposed limitations. ACONAV is a part of an enduring story, a people, and its culture. It is a journey told through fashion and is meant to inspire those to wish to create their own story." - Loren Aragon

The ACONAV brand was founded on the idea of proper and respectful representation of Native American culture in fashion. The brand seeks to identify the distinct culture of the Acoma Pueblo through designs that resonate the beliefs and artistry of the Acoma people. The purpose of the brand is to share, educate, and connect its audience to the artistry and the Acoma ways of life.

"The ACONAV woman strives to be at her best at every aspect in her life. She rises beyond expectations, with ambitions of breaking beyond limits and becoming more. She believes in many good things, but most of all she believes in herself. She is a nurturing role model, a matriarch in the eyes of the future. She adorns herself in an elegance that will empower her to always be at her best. She carries herself with a grace, full of life and surrounded by beauty. Her story is inspiring, her presence is captivating… She will be remembered." - Loren Aragon