The History of ACONAV

Small business opportunities are a beginning to great success...

The beginning of a new business venture can be exciting, stressful, interesting and rewarding. For ACONAV it's an opportunity to face new challenges and learn from new experiences. This blog/vlog is just one example of taking advantage of new opportunities! It's time to document what inspires and motivates ACONAV and explore behind the scenes of what takes place in the Aragon Atelier.  

My name is Loren Aragon and I am the Designer & Owner of ACONAV LLC. I am originally from the Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. I am a Native American artist & designer inspired to create in various art mediums. At a young age I was introduced to our cultural arts which vary from pottery to traditional clothing.  I am a degreed mechanical engineer from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. I am very excited to document my business venture from its humble beginnings to current achievements. So let me take you behind the scenes of ACONAV!!!