Xenomorph Hanu Sticker Series - Limited Edition

Xenomorph Hanu Sticker Series - Limited Edition

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The art series that started it all! Inspiration from the ALIEN film series and cultural influence in matrilineal beliefs resulted in this mimbres style art interpretation by designer & multimedia artist Loren Aragon.

“The ALIEN Xenomorph creature has always been a fascination of mine. It wasn’t until recent releases of the film series that I began to make connections to the matrilineal system that was followed by the creatures in the films. Mimbres is a style of art mostly used by the Pueblo tribes which takes animals and other figures to a two dimensional design/profile. This style has been applied here and I’m happy with the turnout.” -L. Aragon

Custom print on weather resistant vinyl.

Ships via First Class Mail to all U.S. Locations.

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