ACONAV - Xenomorph Hanu (Clan) - Limited Edition Dresses

ACONAV - Xenomorph Hanu (Clan) - Limited Edition Dresses


Inspired by the ALIEN film series, designer Loren Aragon presents his mimbres interpretation of the Xenomorph creature in Pueblo fashion.

“The Xenomorph colonies follow a matrilineal system by which all drones protect the Queen and her offspring. I wanted to expand upon this idea, highlighting the ‘perfect organism’ in a new series I call Xenomorph Hanu or Xenomorph Clan. The Xeno is designed in my signature style of silhouette art with the back of the tees symbolizing the layout of the creature’s back anatomy. An escape from the high end fashion realm to bring forth a darker side of my influences” -Loren Aragon

Die sublimation print on poly/lycra jersey knit performance fabric. Available in green or purple print, limited edition, limited quantities available. Allow up to 2 weeks for construction. Ships via USPS or UPS to all US Locations.

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